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Providence Formation Program

The Providence Formation Program (PFP) is a cohort program designed for students to participate in a variety of activities meant for a deeper learning experience outside the classroom. Students must apply, meet all the requirements, and go through an interview process to become accepted into the program.

The University of Great Falls invites students to show their true uncommon courage in everything they do.  The Providence Formation Program gives students another opportunity to demonstrate and experience their uncommon courage within their self, campus, and community. 



Motivated by the example of the Sisters of Providence and the Ursuline Sisters who instilled a love of God by leading their contemporaries to serve others, the University of Great Falls is challenged to honor the God-given dignity of each person through concrete actions of service, justice and mercy.  The University is committed to responding to social justice issues through educational and public service programs, by providing service-leadership and learning.  The core values of the University complete a vision of implementing the engaged campus. Preparing students to engage in service learning, builds the development of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and emerging uncommon courage from deep rooted faith.  


We believe the Providence Formation Program provides an educational experience that money cannot buy, friendships that athletic teams that cannot foster, and a vision that a professor cannot instill.  We trust Providence Formation to motivate, inspire, make a legacy, leave a healing impact, and create love in places where it is hard to find.


Providence Formation begins with the freshman class.  The first element to the program is placement with a Great Falls community service organization.  A commitment objective is for the PFP students to continue to help serve others, develop personal growth from helping others, and most importantly, form life-changing relationships over the period of their time here at the University of Great Falls.  Therefore, PFP is a four-year program; freshmen to senior year.  

Social Justice Outcomes

The objective of these acts of charity is to make a difference and positively impact the lives of those developing in a world with high competitive pressures.  The result from the previous objective will influence members to view life in a new light and understand the importance of being consistently engaged in relationships with different groups of people.


Students will apply their service to service-learning with a growing awareness of social justice.  A specific course is put in place for all PFP members to take.  This course will be directly associated with PFP and the mission the students are trying to achieve. 

Students will also engage in prayer and reflection, study halls, and share common social experiences, such as social events with interesting Great Falls community leaders.


Members of Providence Formation will be working with the following organizations:





Stephanie Schnider
Providence Formation Director
Student Center Building
Phone: 406-791-5240


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“PFP has been such a rewarding experience. I have learned about myself and how to help others from spending time at Whittier, through PFP group meetings, and from guest speakers we have met.”

Tiffany Marks








Devan Winston

“Being involved in PFP has not only propelled me to be the best I can be at what I do but to make sure those children feel that they are already the best and to aim high for their dreams. Being a part of PFP makes me feel my time at UGF is helping carve my future and others futures as well."

Devan Winston





“Devoting my time to others makes me feel internally good because I know that I am in the program to support a good cause.”

Marc Klimas
Business Administration




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