Scholarships 2016 - 2017


The University of Great Falls is committed to providing an affordable, private college experience of exceptional value.  A variety of scholarships recognizing academic achievement and talent are available.  


95% of students at the University of Great Falls receive some form of scholarship.


Academic Merit Scholarships

Students are automatically considered for academic merit scholarships as part of the admission process and are notified of their award level as part of acceptance to the University. Amounts are based on each student’s academic performance in high school. Transfer students may also be awarded academic merit scholarships. Awards are renewable each year through graduation as long as full time status and satisfactory academic progress are maintained.


Competitive Academic Awards

UGF Scholars and Catholic High School Scholars may be awarded $16,000 to full tuition. Separate application is required and includes an essay and campus interview. Full time enrollment, participation in campus activities, on-campus residency and satisfactory academic progress are required to maintain the award through graduation.

Eligibility:  Students with GPA of 3.5 or better, or an ACT composite score of 25 or better or SAT combined Critical Reading, Math and Writing score of 1680 or better may apply.

Deadline:  Jan. 11, 2016, with interviews held Jan. 22 or Jan. 29, 2016


Talent Scholarships

In addition to academic scholarships, the University of Great Falls has several $1000 scholarships to recognize students for selected activities and interests: Music, Performing Arts, Speech and Debate, and Art. Permission of the program director and participation is required; one Talent Scholarship per student per academic year. Contact the Admissions Office for more information.


Other Scholarships

  • Courage Awards: up to $2000 based on EFC (Expected Family Contribution) as calculated via the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid.)


  • Catholic Parish Scholarship: $1000 scholarship awarded to Catholic students with letter of recommendation from their home Parish.


  • Great for Great Falls: Awarded to new full time freshman students who graduated from a Great Falls high school and are 24 or younger.


  • Athletics:  The University of Great Falls is a member of the Frontier Conference of the NAIA. More information about athletic scholarships is available by contacting the Athletic Department. Athletic scholarship offers may not be combined with other university scholarships.

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