ap and ib credit

Advanced Placement

The University accepts Advanced Placement (AP) credit in accordance with the recom¬mendation of The College Board. At present, the poli¬cy provides credit for scores of 3 or higher.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The University recognizes the rigorous academic nature of the International Baccalaureate program. Students receiving a score of 4 (Satisfactory) or above on their Higher Level (HL) IB exams or a score of 5 (Good) or above on their Standard Level (SL) IB exams will be awarded credit. Students will receive 4 semester credits for lab based courses and up to 5 semester credits for all other HL exams. 3 semester credits will be awarded for all SL exams.

Students must submit their official IB transcripts to the University for an official evaluation of transfer credit. The Registrar’s Office, in consultation with the appropriate faculty, will make the final determination as to the amount of transfer credit and the placement of credit which may be granted for directly equivalent UGF courses, core curriculum requirements or general elective credit. Previously approved courses and applicable UGF credits are available online and in the Registrar’s Office. Students will be notified upon approval of courses and applicable credit will be added to the student transcript and viewable via ArgoExpress.

A maximum of 30 credits may be earned through completion of IB courses.


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