Students with graduate credits from another institution wishing to transfer into a graduate program should contact Graduate Studies for information. Generally, no more than six (6) graduate credit hours of “B” or better, completed within four (4) years before the term of first enrollment at UGF may be accepted in transfer. The MSC plan will consider up to 12 transferable graduate credit hours.

Challenging Coursework

Graduate students do not have the option of challenging (testing out of) graduate coursework. Coursework may be waived with the substitution of another course. Students must work with their advisor and instructor-of-record to complete course and degree requirements. Students must have the consent of the Advisor and the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

Dual Degrees

A student may be admitted into two master’s degree programs. Students may obtain a second master’s degree from the University as long as, at minimum, sixty (60) percent of the credits in the second degree are independent credits from those applied to the first degree. 

Auditing Graduate Coursework

Audit status is for those students who do not want or need to receive credit for a course. Any student enrolling exclusively as an auditor will be assigned a non-degree status. Approval for auditing a course must be arranged in advance with the class instructor and the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. All class fees will be assessed if the auditor is accepted into an activity or laboratory class where fees are appropriate. After the term’s normal deadline for adding a course, students may not convert the enrollment in a class from audit to credit or from credit to audit.

Audit admission requirements are:

  1. a completed application for admission form, and
  2. a non-refundable, one-time application fee.

The cost of auditing is one half of the tuition fee.



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