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Distance Learning classes are designed to help students earn a degree from the University of Great Falls from their homes. We offer several complete degrees and over one hundred courses every year via distance learning.


Undergraduate degrees offered through Distance Learning:

Associate Degrees

  • Criminal Justice
  • Paralegal Studies*

Bachelor Degrees

  • Addictions Counseling (some courses not available online)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal and Paralegal Studies*
  • Psychology (some courses not available online)
  • Sociology (some courses not available online)
  • Theology and Ministry


  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology (some courses not available online)
  • Sociology (some courses not available online)
  • Theology and Ministry

*Students admitted to the Legal and Paralegal Studies program are required to complete 10 credits of legal specialty courses in a traditional classroom setting in an ABA accredited program.

Military Paralegal Programs

Military Paralegal Programs are offered for active duty personnel with an MOS in paralegal studies. Contact the Admissions Office for more information at or (406) 791-5202.

  • Army Paralegal Program
  • Air Force Paralegal Program


Graduate degrees offered through Distance Learning 



There are currently two main ways of participating in Distance Learning courses at the University of Great Falls. One method is based on attending regularly scheduled live, interactive Microsoft LYNC discussion sessions.


The other method uses a course management system called Moodle, an internationally respected Learning Platform currently being used by over 60,000 different institutions in over 200 countries.  Moodle enables students to participate in class "asynchronously" (not at the same time). In other words, they log in whenever their busy schedules allow.


Courses based on the live LYNC discussion sessions may be designated with a section of "D" or "HYB" (for "HYBrid"), while Moodle courses are listed with a section of "ASY" (for "ASYnchronous").


All University of Great Falls Distance Learning students are assigned an on-campus academic advisor who assists with class scheduling and program planning. Students may be eligible for a dual-enrollment consortium tuition option if:

  • They are eligible for a full Pell Grant, and
  • Have completed an Associate Degree or equivalent, and
  • Are dually enrolled at the University of Great Falls and another participating college or university



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