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Courage is our (un)common denominator.





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Corps of Discovery will push your limits and provide you with new perspective – on life and self. Physical challenges, like rafting on the Missouri River, will hone your team-building and leadership skills while classroom activities will guide you through your inner terrain in search of key principles, core values, your life’s purpose, and talents. 


The Corps of Discovery is a signature program for new students at the University of Great Falls. It is required for all full-time, first-year students who are pursuing their degrees on campus. The purpose of the program is to foster emotional, spiritual and physical development, and a shared cohort bonding experience throughout many dimensions of university life.

The Corps of Discovery students meet in the classroom one hour each week and gather beyond the classroom on evenings and weekends. Class sessions provide students with the tools that help them become academically and socially successful at the University of Great Falls. Students also interact with campus faculty and community experts in a wide variety of engaging and experiential course workshops. The academic component is broad and inclusive – introducing students to collegiate living and learning – yet focuses on one's own awareness.


During field experiences, students teach and learn from their peers. They face demanding physical challenges like river rafting, hiking, and downhill skiing. Students visit museums and other cultural attractions in and around Great Falls. They also volunteer their time and energies to local community groups through cohort service projects. Students also participate in retreat weekends to reflect upon and deepen their own values and faiths.


The program ultimately prepares students for living and making a living.




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Personal Creeds 


 Emily Busby, Sophomore, History


“… I believe that life is meant to be lived, not planned. Each day that graces us is another chance to breathe and think and love and try. Sometimes the most beautiful and rewarding things are the ones that happen every day.”


Jimmy Sliwa, , Junior, Biology  


“I believe that I will be success. I believe in hard work and perseverance. I will not let disappointment get in the way of my future. I do not dwell on my past but learn from it. I am an achiever. As a family member I will love, make memories, and laugh.”


 Shelby Tritthart, Sophomore, Business Administration


"Life is a journey that takes you up and down mountains and through rivers and streams, but for me it has always been about climbing to the top.  How could I go back to climbing small hills after I have witnessed the view of the big mountain? Challenging yourself and climbing monster mountains is always worth falling for this I believe."


Zach Johnson, Junior, Secondary Education


“Be hard but have a soft heart, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t be scared to follow your dreams whatever they might be follow them with all your heart wherever your dreams may take you don’t forget the road home , and always remember the people you left there.”


Catherine Gray, Sophomore, Art and Communications


“I believe that passion is what keeps me going. There is no living without trust, no rhythm without trust, and no love without trust. We live, we trust, we learn, we pray, we dance. This I believe. I believe that life is a beautiful adventure filled with people we are somehow meant to meet, for better or worse. I pray that God will continue to bless me on my journey. This is my mission, and I am on my way.”



Personal Mission Statements


Emily Busby, Sophomore, History 


“Family, God, music, knowledge, friendship, and sunshine are most precious to me. I live my life honestly, humorously, courageously, and with the bigger picture in mind. It is loving, singing, playing, and learning that I enjoy each day. As a sister I encourage, as a daughter I grow, and as a young woman I work to find myself by remembering my past, living in the moment, and looking forward with dreams for my future.”


 Hunter Schneider, Junior Business Administration 


“As a leader I will make a difference, to serve, and love the people around me. The things that matter most to me are family, religion, health, friendship, and athletics.”



 Andrea Spake, Sophomore, Biology


"My mission is to be the first person in my family to graduate college.  I want to travel and learn about others cultures and help to enrich their lives through science.  My mission is to show respect, be a role madel, a leader, and keep an open mind through everything I do.  I believe that one of our greatest gifts in life is the gift of being able to help people."   






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