what to pack for college


·         Posters and poster putty (no tape allowed on walls)
·         Favorite memorabilia and pictures
·         Lamps (not halogen bulbs), reading light
·         Alarm clock
·         Stereo or radio (please leave the big speakers at home and bring the headphones)
·         Computer and printer: all rooms are wired for the UGF network.
·         Small microwave oven
·         Electric window fan
·         Small refrigerator: 5.8 cf or smaller
·         Extension cords and surge protector
·         Goldfish (Only allowable pet) and five-gallon tank (no larger)
·         Cleaning supplies (sponges, disinfectant, air freshener, etc.)
·         Area rug
·         Bicycle and good lock
·         Bedding: sheets, blankets, comforter, pillow and case
·         Personal Items: towels, wash cloths, soap, aspirin, first aid supplies, shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush, razors, hair dryers, shower shoes, etc. and a shower caddy for it all.
·         Other: laundry bag and detergent, bathrobe, paper towels, sewing kit, hangers, coffee mug, glass, can opener, extra light bulbs, and stacking bins
·         School supplies: Calculator, dictionary, paper, pens, pencils, sharpener, ruler, tape, scissors, stamps, and backpack.
·         Copies of medical records (kept in a safe place)
·         Prescription medications (kept is a safe place)
·         Telephone and answering machine (none are provided in rooms)



·         Toaster ovens
·         Hot plates
·         Electric skillets
·         Oil corn poppers
·         Space heaters
·         Candles
·         Fuels
·         Camp stoves
·         Scentsy
·         Incense and burners
·         Firearms and ammunition (includes air soft, pellet and paint ball guns)
·         Hunting knives
·         Collectable or decorative weapons
·         Waterbeds and lofts
·         Duct tape
·         Alcohol and drug paraphernalia, including posters or signs or empty containers.
·         Pets, except for small fish (and a five-gallon tank)

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