community living directors


Community Living Directors (CLD’s) are staff who resides on campus in each of the buildings. The CLD’s develop and maintain contact with residents serving as a positive role model for them.  
What do CLD’s do?
Staff Supervision and Development
·         Provides leadership, supervision, and development for the staff within their area.
·         Selects, trains, and supervises the staff in their building(s) (CLA’s).
·         Assists in planning and conducts departmental training sessions prior to each semester.
·         Provides for each Community Living Assistant’s individual development through periodic performance reviews
·         Facilitates on-going team building and staff development opportunities.
·         Assists in the development of techniques for evaluating the Community Living Assistant program.
Residential Education
·         Responsible for creating an environment which fosters living and learning, outside of the classroom education and support for the academic mission of the University.
·         Conducts formal and informal assessments to determine the needs of residents.
·         Provides leadership to any lifestyle programs that are housed in their building(s)/areas.
·         Responds and counsels students on academic and social issues that come through the Early Warning list.
Community Development
·         Responsible for fostering a sense of community in their building(s).
·         Works with the Community Living staff in the development of activities designed to develop connections between residents.
·         Uses creative and innovative methods to personally connect to residents.
·         Provides informal counseling and referral to individual students.
·         Provides counseling support to the Community Living Assistants in working through student problems and concerns.
·         Coordinates the department’s response to roommate conflicts and other resident concerns.
·         Identifies at-risk students through interactions and following up on Early Warning List.
·         Counsels at-risk students about campus resources and/or refers the student to appropriate campus departments or community agencies.
Crisis Management
·         Responsible for the management and referral of incidents that occur in their building(s).
·         Participates in year-round duty rotation to provide support to the residential population.
·         Works closely with the Campus Counselor, University Security, and other campus/local resources.
·         Maintains awareness of campus and community resources.
Administration and Building Management
·         Responsible for the overall administrative operations within their building(s).
·         Provides hands-on leadership during the openings and closings of the residence halls.
·         Participates in regular building tours and conducting Health and Safety Inspections.
·         Coordinates the program budgets for the staff and hall council accounts;
·         Manages the occupancy and assignment procedures and records.
·         Coordinates damage accountability and billing process.
·         Ensures the proper management of keys (student room, common area, and staff/office keys).
·         Builds relationships with maintenance, and University Security to assure that physical environment is maintained at optimum levels.
Student Discipline
·         Responsible for the student discipline process in their building(s).
·         Manages student discipline cases (student meetings, delivery and tracking of sanctions, etc.).
Community Living Council Advising
·         Responsible for the development of strong student leadership opportunities in their building(s).
·         Recruits and actively supporting the formation of Community Living Council.
·         Advertises Community Living Council as they work to accomplish their goals.
·         Facilitates individual and team development opportunities for the student leaders.



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