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Clubs and communities are the easiest and fastest way to get involved on campus!  From educational to personal interest, we have something for everyone!  Join us for our club fair during the first two weeks of school and find the club that is right for you!

Please contact
Lacey Spencer at (406) 791-5215 for more information.




Advisor – Bri Goudey & Nicole Brandt


Mission:  To represent the University of Great Falls in the best possible light to prospective students and their parents while maturing and developing professional skills as individuals.



Anatomy & Physiology Club


President – Brittney Robbins

Advisor – Katie Hoffman


Goal:  To promote and research education of healthy bodies.  We will do so through an active involvement in our community and providing access to health awareness forums.





Program Leaders – Jordan Byland & Holden Gagner

Advisor – Lacey Spencer


Goal:  To increase the pride and involvement of the student body



ARGO Health Professions Club


President – Britteny Randall

Advisor – Diane Lund & Jeremy Burkett


Mission:  To guide and aid future health care professionals during their undergraduate education.  By interacting and working with other pre-health professionals, club members learn to work in a team environment.  This group interaction is a vital attribute for those wanting to pursue a career in medicine.



Art Club


President – David Mariani, Jr.

Advisor – Julia Becker


Mission:  To promote art and art awareness in the community



Bowling Club


President – Kayla Olson

Advisor – Dena Floerchinger


Goal:  To give UGF students an opportunity to work on their bowling skills while also having a great time.  This is a time for students to take a break away from school work and enjoy time with their peers



disABILITY Awareness


President – Max Knerler

Advisor – Key Seilstad


Mission:  To promote disability awareness and to advocate for greater accessibility for students, staff and faculty with physical disabilities on campus





President – Nick Jankiewicz

Advisor – Katrina Stark


Mission:  To lead other students in the ethical teaching of the principles of free enterprise and to enhance our community



Forensic Science Club


President – Joslyn Moore

Advisor – Art Alt


Mission:  To educate students and the community about Forensic Science in a fun and creative manner



Great Leaders, Outstanding Women (GLOW)


President - Aimee Donaldson

Advisor – Linda Fagenstrom


Mission:  We are GLOW ~ Great Leaders, Outstanding Women.  We’re committed to making a positive impact in our community, inspiring healthy living and providing support for our fellow University women.



Man Club


President – Travis Dillon

Advisor – Jake Clark


Mission:  As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.



Martial Arts Club


President – Elle Nutter

Advisor – Tom Raunig


Mission:  To provide a safe environment for students to grow both physically and mentally.  Students with previous martial arts experience will be given the opportunity to practice and teach their art to other students as well as gain experience and awareness of other martial arts.  Students with no previous experience will have the opportunity to learn martial arts and basic self-defense.



Mathematics Community


Advisor – David Thomas


Mission:  To promote mathematical curiosity, inquiry, discovery, creativity, problem solving, discourse, and scholarship on campus and to connect the UGF Mathematics Community to similar communities across the U.S. and around the world



Mission 2 Serve


President – Rachel Altman

Advisor – Jake Clark


Mission:  To better the lives of those around our campus community.  By volunteering their time, members of the club will help to improve the lives of the less fortunate, as well as the community itself.  Members will also improve their own lives by growing as people and building a strong community within the group





Primary Contact – Maggie Eisen

Advisor – Robert Packer


Goal:  To write about and inform the UGF community on a variety of topics



Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO)


President – Ann McWilliams

Advisor – Kay Seilstad


Mission:  To provide support, friendship and guidance to non-traditional students at UGF while encouraging them to become active in academic, social and recreational opportunities on campus






Primary Contacts – EJ Moran & Mariah Hodge

Advisor – Michael Gilboe


Mission:  To enhance students’ lives outside of daily classes with fun and engaging activities based around Performing Arts



Physics Club


President – Josh Buford

Advisor – Jeremy Burkett


Mission:  To aid in the acceptance of UGF undergraduates into post graduate programs by providing volunteer and research opportunities to club participants



Psychology Club


President – Christian Galicia

Advisor – Robert Packer


Mission:  To be of service to students considering a career in Mental Health and also those in need in the community.  This will include those with mental health issues and victims of violence.



Student Montana Educators Association (SMEA)


President – Holly Johnson

Advisor – Candice Moench


Mission:  To broaden its community work, such as:  working with a sister school, fundraising and diverse outreach







Primary Contact – Wendi Avila

Advisor – Jake Clark




Goal: To engage the UGF community with the message of Jesus


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