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University of Great Falls Social Media Guidelines



These guidelines are to ensure that the public image of the University of Great Falls continues to fall under our mission. To use social media in its most effective way this guideline will provide useful information in order to preserve the image we as a university will present to the public eye. These guidelines will help the administration with any social media content in order to keep all and any information as updated as possible.

 Please follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Permission must be given before any social media page can be created that will have any relationship with the University of Great Falls.
  2. All usernames and passwords will be given to a designated person in order to ensure proper use of any information distributed by the University of Great Falls.
  3. In relation to facebook – no pages or profiles may be created with relationship to the University of Great Falls, unless otherwise approved for marketing and privacy information purposes.

The purpose of these guidelines is not to make use of technology and social media difficult, but to ensure that any information portrayed for and by the University of Great Falls is accurate, engaging, and continuously updated. If any outlet of social media is created and becomes inefficient in providing information for social media users, it may become deactivated or deleted in order to prevent users from becoming discouraged to follow our university. Providing all social media information to a designated individual will allow for control of unwanted content, as well as a secure means of regulating and filtering changes that will constantly occur with social media.


The University of Great Falls is represented through the following authorized pages/groups:

  1. University of Great Falls Main Page
  2. University of Great Falls Athletics
  3. UGF Performing Arts
  4. Argo Events


Please feel free to navigate through these to find out more about the University of Great Falls.

If you have any questions, concerns, or are seeking to create a social media outlet representing the University of Great Falls in some way, please contact






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