Psychology applies the scientific approach to the study of human mental processes. Psychology bridges the gap between the biological and social sciences by bringing students into contact with the facts and theories of their biological heritage, with the history of Western thought regarding persons within their environment, and with the development of scientific methods to study the many facets of human activity.



Career Preparation


The psychology major provides learning opportunities and experiences through which students develop an understanding of the perspectives, content, and methodology of the science of behavior and mental processes. Psychologists differ considerably in what they do because the field encompasses a wide range of human activities. Generally speaking, counseling, clinical, sport, and school psychologists provide services to help people make better adjustments in their daily lives. Forensic psychologists apply their knowledge of psychology to the legal profession. Experimental psychologists conduct research and construct theories to help us better understand the nature of behavior. The program prepares students for life-long learning and advanced study in psychology, as well as providing professional preparation for careers in counseling, social service, business, industry, forensics, and research.


Students in the fields of education, human services, or any of the helping professions may increase their understanding of their clientele with psychology courses. The bachelor’s degree program prepares students for positions in the mental health, welfare, legal, and corrections fields, and for entrance into graduate programs in psychology, counseling, law, business administration, and the health care fields.




Karen Hendricks
Robert Packer
Mary Ann DuBay


Student Stories


I earned my Master of Science in School Psychology from UGF in May, and I can thank UGF for the part they played in my recent hiring as School Psychologist for the Miles City public schools. Over the past three years, I have been consistently pleased with the high quality of instruction and student services I received from the staff at UGF. UGF's size is a real plus because students really get to know their instructors and benefit from personal attention. I particularly appreciated the alternative scheduling format for graduate classes, without which I never could have accessed a graduate program in my field. My entire experience at UGF was awesome, and I can wholeheartedly recommend UGF to anyone considering attending.





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