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Goals for Undergraduate Degrees

All students will acquire fundamental knowledge, skills, and dispositions during their careers at the University of Great Falls. The following overriding goals shape curricular decisions to ensure breadth and depth of content and experience and to encourage independent learning. They help create the context of a value-based liberal arts education and reinforce the university's Mission Statement including the Catholic University Identity Statement and the Core Values of Providence Health and Services.


University of Great Falls graduates ENGAGE THE QUESTIONS

What does it mean to be human?
recognize the inherent value and interrelatedness of all God's creation
accept the inherent dignity of every person
confirm and value cultural differences and similarities
recognize that community is essential to being and becoming human
demonstrate the responsibility to maintain and strengthen society by helping others and advancing justice
apply positive values of aesthetic and creative expression.

What does it mean to participate in intellectual inquiry?
participate in the search for truth and knowledge
synthesize the cumulative wisdom of human inquiry, past and present as a means to enrich the future
civilly question and challenge, and demonstrate an openness to being questioned and challenged, in pursuit of the common good
think critically and creatively, analyze situations and proposals accurately; identifying issues, arguments, conclusions and the validity of alternative positions

What does it mean to "make a living" and to live as a productive human being?
communicate clearly and effectively in multiple modes of discourse
identify problems and articulate appropriate solutions
accept the consequences of their decisions and actions
commits to active participation in their chosen field of endeavor
demonstrate expertise in a specific concepts or areas of study
validate the importance of personal health.

What does it mean to participate in the spiritual and religious dimensions of life?
explore religious world views and value systems and their implications for living
contemplate spirituality, the meaning of God, religion, and the gospel of Jesus Christ and their importance of these for living
further God's work of reaching out to humanity
make sound moral judgments
recognize the Christian and Catholic traditions.



Bachelor's Degree Core Curriculum Requirements



Associate's Degree Core Curriculum Requirements


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