associate degree requirements

Associate’s Degree Requirements


To earn the associate degree in science (A.S.) from the University, a student must:
1. Complete a minimum of 64 credits.
2. Maintain a cumulative University of Great Falls grade point average of 2.00 or higher.
3. Complete the associate degree Core Curriculum.
4. Complete an area of specialization. All courses used to complete the specialization must have a grade of C or better.
5. Complete at least twenty of the final thirty semester hours of coursework at the University of Great Falls. Students enrolled in approved Service members Opportunity College Army Degree (SOCAD) program may satisfy the academic residency requirement by completing at least sixteen semester hours at the University at any time during their enrollment.
6. Complete at least fifteen semester hours at the University of Great Falls in the area of specialization.
7. Apply for graduation in accordance with the prescribed deadlines.
8. Comply with all University policies, rules, and regulations.
9. Pay all indebtedness to the University.
Associate’s Degree Core Curriculum
Corps of Discovery (2 credits)
            COD 101 Corps of Discovery I and
            COD 102 Corps of Discovery II
Note: Required of all first year, full time, on cam­pus students. Part time students, distance students and students transferring in with 27 or more cred­its are exempt.
Foundation Skills (15 credits)
            ENG 117 Writing Essays and
            MTH 108 Elementary Statistics or
            MTH 252 Statistical Methods for the Sciences and
            COM 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communications and
            CPS 110 Conquering the Digital Divide and
            TRL 200 Fundamentals of Theology
Great Questions (4 credits)
            ILC 130x What Does It Mean to be Human
Exploring the Liberal Arts (13 credits)
            Fine Arts and
            Humanities and
            Social Sciences and
            Experimental Science
Note: Please see the previous page for a complete list of courses that may be used to fulfill individual components of the Exploring the Liberal Arts re­quirement.




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