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The Addictions Counseling Associate Degree emphasizes a solid knowledge base in the area of addiction studies. Growth in self-awareness and therapeutic skills leads to professional and ethical practice. Although the field of addiction is broad – covering psychoactive substance use, abuse and dependency, gambling, eating disorders, relationships, sexual and a variety of other behaviors, the program at UGF emphasizes treatment and intervention for the chemically dependent. 


Career Preparation 


The degree is structured to meet state licensure requirements with the additional completion of supervised internship hours.



What Makes the Program Unique?


Faculty with specialized training, internship opportunities, etc.





Mary Ann Dubay
Janine Hieb



Student Stories


My experience at the University of Great Falls has been very fulfilling. I have achieved so many goals that I never thought were possible. And, through the Master's program, I am continuing on the road to fulfilling even more of my dreams through UGF. I graduated in May with a B.A. in Psychology and an A.S. in Addictions Counseling. I am now continuing my education in graduate school to receive my Master's degree in Counseling. One of the most positive aspects of the education that I have received at UGF is the student/teacher interaction. I really get a sense that the teachers and my advisor care about my education, experience, and ultimate achievement of my degrees.



Curriculum Planners


Addictions Counseling Associates Curriculum Planner


Addictions Counseling Certificate Curriculum Planner (undergraduate)


Addictions Counseling Certificate Curriculum Planner (graduate)



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