core curriculum
Effective Fall 2010, the University of Great Falls implemented a new Core Curriculum. The Core at the University of Great Falls promotes the High Standards of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. It is designed to assist students in exploring the following key concepts:
1.      The ability and habit of critical thinking
2.      The importance of creative expression
3.      The interconnectedness of all knowledge
4.      A sense of community and civic responsibility
5.      The acquisition of the content and methodology of the major areas of knowledge – the humanities and the fine arts, the natural sciences, mathematics, and the social sciences.
6.      The importance of spiritual and ethical values
7.      An exploration of key questions, central to human growth and development:
·           What does it mean to be human?
·           What is Truth?
·           What is the Common Good?
All students entering the University in Fall 2010 are required to complete the new Core Curriculum in its entirety. Those students who have already started their course of study at UGF are encouraged to visit with their advisor and strongly consider moving to the new Core.
The following documents will assist continuing students with their transition to the new Core. If students have questions, they should contact their faculty advisor.  
This will show students how courses they have already completed will fulfill the new core requirements.
This document will assist students who stay on the old core by providing information about which new core courses can be used to fulfill core requirements prior to Fall 2010.
This document will show students which UGF courses will fulfill the four focus areas of the ELA.

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