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Student Web Tutorials
Faculty Web Tutorials

Student Web Tutorials

The following tutorials are designed to give you a basic introduction to the features and options available via ArgoExpress.

ArgoExpress Overview

This tutorial will give you an overview of the services and options available to you through ArgoExpress including a review of the Personal Information, Student and Financial Aid menus.

Personal Information Menu

This tutorial will demonstrate the features available within the Personal Information menu and how you submit changes to your contact information.

Student Records

This tutorial will demonstrate how you access your semester grades and how you can view your academic transcript.

Student Registration Options

This tutorial will demonstrate the information available to students within the Student Registration menu. This demonstration does NOT cover student registration.

Searching the Class Schedule

This tutorial will briefly explain how you search the class schedule and what features are available within the schedule including identifying registration restrictions and seats available in courses.

Searching the Course Catalog

This tutorial will briefly explain how you search the course catalog and what features are available within the catalog.

Faculty Tutorials



Midterm and Final Grade Entry

This brief tutorial will walk faculty and adjuncts through the process for entering midterm and final grades for students.


Registration Override Tutorial

This tutorial will provide instructors with step by step instructions for how to issue an override for a student.


Class Roster Tutorial

This tutorial will help instructors navigate the class roster information in ArgoExpress and what student information is available to them.




Please review the following information to assist with questions relative to accessing ArgoExpress; such as PIN resets and User ID assignments.



What is ArgoExpress?
ArgoExpress is a user interface for students and faculty/advisors that enables real time access to the Banner Student Information System. ArgoExpress allows students to register online for courses as well as retrieve unofficial transcripts, grades, financial aid and accounts receivable information. 
What is my User ID?
You use your User ID is to login to ArgoExpress. Your ArgoExpress User ID is the same as your University of Great Falls Student ID number. You can obtain this number from your Student ID card and new students will receive their Student ID in correspondence from the Admissions Office.
PINs – how to change
  1. Log in to ArgoExpress.
  2. Select Personal Information from the Main Menu.
  3. Select Change PIN. The Change PIN page appears, showing a data entry field for the old PIN, and separate spaces for the new PIN and the new PIN verification.
  4. Enter the old PIN in the "Enter Old PIN" field.
  5. Enter the new PIN in the "Enter New PIN" field.
  6. Enter the new PIN again in the "Re-Enter New PIN" field.
  7. Click the [Change PIN] button to save your changes.
If you click the "Reset" button, any information you have entered into the fields will be deleted.
PINs – how to reset a forgotten PIN
  1. Enter your ID number in the "User ID" field on the ArgoExpress login page.
  2. Click the [Forgot PIN?] button.
  3. Enter the answer to the security question that you created. (See Security Question and Answer section below for details.)
  4. Click the [Submit Answer] button.
If the correct answer is supplied, log in will be allowed, but you will be prompted to reset your PIN to a new value.
Security Question and Answer

The first time you access ArgoExpress, you will be prompted to enter a security question and answer. This challenge and response sequence will be used in the event that you forget your PIN.


It is highly recommended that you periodically change your security question and answer. Do the following to modify:
  1. Log in to Banner Self-Service.
  2. Select Personal Information from the Main Menu.
  3. Select Change Security Question. The Security Question and Answer page appears, showing the old question and answer, and separate spaces for the new question and answer.
  4. Enter the new question in the "New Question" field.
  5. Enter the corresponding answer in the "New Answer" field.
  6. Click [Submit]; to save your changes.

If you click the [Reset] button, any information you have entered into the fields will be deleted.



Problems – PIN and/or Security Question/Answer

  • Prospective Students: contact the Admissions office, 406-791-5202 or
  • Returning, New Students and Faculty: IT Services, 406-791-5326 or
  • New Employees: Contact the Office of Human Resources, 406-791-5263.
PINs – whom to contact
Prospective Students
PINs for prospective students are issued by the Admissions Office after students submit an application to the University. If you have applied to the University and have not received your PIN information, please contact the Admissions Office at 406-791-5202.
Your student ID and PIN can be found in the acknowledgment letter mailed to you after receiving your application.
In the event you lose or forget your ID and/or PIN, please contact the Admissions office at Be sure to include your full name, UGF ID (if known) and your date of birth.
The Admissions Office cannot accommodate PIN reset requests by telephone.
Returning Students and Current Employees
PINs are reset by the IT Services staff. If you need a PIN reset, please call IT Services at 406-791-5326 or email them at Please note that email PIN requests MUST be sent from a email address.
Changing your PIN periodically is highly recommended. (See the instructions below.)
New Employees
PINs are issued by the Office of Human Resources. Please contact Human Resources at 406-791-5263.

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