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There are currently two main ways of participating  in Distance Learning courses at UGF. One method is based on attending regularly scheduled live, interactive  Blackboard Collaborate Ultra  discussion sessions.


The other method uses a course management system called  Moodle, an internationally respected Learning Platform currently being used by over 50,000 different institutions in roughly 200 countries around the world.  Moodle enables students to participate in class "asynchronously" (not at the same time). In other words, they log in whenever their busy schedules allow. 


Distance Learning classes are designed to help you earn a degree from the University of Great Falls from home. We offer several complete degrees and over one hundred courses every year via distance learning.


Distance Learning programs have been designed to enhance student/professor involvement and to increase communication between students within a class. Classes are small and use various platforms for different degree programs. The use of different technologies has allowed the University to become a recognized leader in delivering innovative models of education.


Distance Learning Degrees
Semester Schedules and Registration Information 
Financial Aid 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Courses based on the live Collaborate Ultra discussion sessions are generally designated with a section of "D" or "HYB" (for "HYBrid"), while Moodle courses are listed with a section of "ASY" (for "ASYnchronous").


All UGF Distance Learning students are assigned an on-campus academic advisor who assists with class scheduling and program planning. Students may be eligible for a dual-enrollment consortium tuition option if: 

  •  They are eligible for a full Pell Grant, and 
  •  Have completed an Associate Degree or equivalent, and 
  •  Are dually enrolled at the University of Great Falls and another participating college or university.

Degrees offered through Distance Learning

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in Addictions Counseling*
Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice 
Bachelor of Science in Legal and Paralegal Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Ministry

Criminal Justice
Theology and Ministry

Associate Degrees 
Associates in Criminal Justice 
Associates Paralegal Studies*



Army Paralegal Program 
Army Paralegal Program


Graduate Degrees 
Master in Science of Organizational Management (MSM)

*Individual programs may require on-campus courses. For instance, students admitted to the paralegal program are required to complete 10 credits of legal specialty courses in a traditional classroom setting. 

**If you can travel to Great Falls and attend weekend courses or finish your last semester on campus, you will be able to complete requirements for many other Associate, Bachelor, and Graduate degrees that are not offered on Distance Learning. 



 Registration Information and Semester Schedules

To register for Distance Learning courses:

  • Follow the link below and select the specific semester to access the courses scheduled to be offered.  Then click to select your subject matter (or use Shift+Click to select multiple subjects).

    You can narrow your search for just Distance Learning courses by highlighting that option next to "Campus" before you start your search.

    ArgoExpress Dynamic Schedule by Term


  • Confirm your schedule with your academic advisor to obtain your registration PIN.
  • Select those classes via ArgoExpress using your registration PIN.
  • All students must be accepted to UGF before they may register for courses.


For Home Study

• Fill out a separate application for each Home Study course, obtained from the UGF Distance Learning Office or online.
• Obtain approval from the course instructor and academic advisor. 




 Financial Aid Information 

Financial aid is available for qualified students.

Click here to visit our financial aid website for more information.



Contact the UGF Distance Learning Team


General Distance Learning Technical Questions:
Fax: 406-791-5394

Service Desk IT Services 406-791-5326
Jim Gretch Dir. of Instructional Design 406-791-5320
Timothy MacGowan Production Technician 406-791-5325


For admissions or program questions, click here.



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