UGF Distance Learning's real-time interaction is based on an Internet conferencing technology called Microsoft  Lync®, which allows students to connect to live class sessions from their own homes or offices.  The Lync "Virtual Classroom" lets students participate in a multi-point video conference with the course instructor and fellow students.

Lync also provides such interactive tools as shared applications, PowerPoint slide viewing, shared whiteboards, and live text chat. In addition, each week's interactive session is recorded electronically to provide a backup in case a student misses a live class discussion.

For some Distance Learning courses, students weekly view one-hour video lectures available from our Campus Store and then participate in follow-up Lync discussions with the instructor and fellow students.

What will you need for Lync?
Lync Web App is a free web‐based version of the Lync 2013 client. It enables anyone who is not licensed for the full Lync client (such as students and non‐University attendees) to enjoy the full experience of a Lync meeting, including sending and receiving voice/video, viewing and presenting shared content, and screen sharing.
Minimum System Requirements
System Component Minimum Requirement


Please Note: Administrator Level access to your computer is required.  Work computers (such as PH&S supplied laptops) may not have administrator permissions and will not be suitable for UGF Lync courses.


Operating System (We don't currently support other options, such as smartphone apps.)


     PREFERRED: Windows 7 (32‐bit or 64‐bit)

                                Windows 8 or 8.1

                                Mac OS X (Version 10.7 or newer recommended)

                                Windows Vista (32‐bit or 64‐bit) *

                                Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (32‐bit) *

                                        *supports live text chat, whiteboard and application sharing, but no live audio or video


Web Browser

On Windows:

   PREFERRED: Internet Explorer 10 or higher
                              (Version 9 also supported)

                              Firefox 12 or newer (latest version recommended)

                              Chrome 18 or newer (latest version recommended)



On Mac:

                             Firefox 12 or newer (latest version recommended)

                             Safari 5 or newer (Version 6 recommended)

                             Chrome 18 or newer (latest version recommended)

Hardware  A USB webcam with integrated microphone. A headset is optional--but is strongly recommended for higher audio quality.
Bandwidth  A broadband connection such as a cable modem or fast DSL connection.
Most laptop and desktop integrated webcams should be compatible with Lync. If you require an external webcam or headset, the following link points to recommended compatible equipment: Lync compatible devices

If you have the above hardware and software, you should be able to install the Lync Web App software to attend video conference classes on your computer.



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