The University of Great Falls' Summer Camp: Adventure & Explore - Careers and Outdoors strives to offer an in-depth, hands-on experience in its modules. Below is the list of modules for the 2013 summer. 
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Instructor: Colleen Fuhringer

Location: UGF Campus / Great Falls Parks



You made art out of what?” your friends and family will say.  In this module, we are going to focus on repurposing and transforming found objects and manufactured goods.  From handmade paper and sculpture to assemblage and wearable masterpieces, you will learn new skills and challenge your creativity.  We are also going to concentrate on the five senses and their connection to your unique identity.  What did you see, hear, smell, taste and touch today?  How can these experiences be transformed into works of art?  When you fully engage in the world around you, the possibilities are endless!




Instructor: Leigh Ann Ruggiero

Location: UGF Campus



Is the pen your strongest weapon? Do you have stories that need to be told, beliefs that need to be heard, lines that need to be spoken? In this course, poets will hone their skills by stealing tricks from prose, and fiction writers will grow by sneaking hints from poetry. Screenwriters and dramaturgists are also welcome! Open to everyone with any level of writing experience, the Creative Writing course uses both individual and collaborative writing to emphasize the way our writing is always an attempt to express ourselves to our communities.


















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