The camp will provide students entering grades 8-12 and graduating seniors an exceptional in-depth academic experience. The emphasis is on project-based team learning. Students are seen as active researchers rather than listeners or readers and are immersed in a topic area. The students will have the freedom to discover and explore their topics, be exposed to cutting-edge technology, and discover new ideas and theories. Students are divided into small groups, with very high instructor to student ratios; typically 6-10 students to 1 or 2 instructors. During the camp students are exposed to the University of Great Falls culture as they explore potential career opportunities and college choices. The students form bonds with their peers as well as their faculty instructors. University faculty and parents can develop relationships that will lead to potential future classroom collaboration and even research opportunities outside of the camp.

Our instructors are typically UGF faculty and/or industry professionals. Our instructors are hand-picked for their academic knowledge combined with the gifts of enthusiasm and ability to teach 8-12th grade students. Our instructor to student ratio is very difficult to find in similar programs, and we are extremely proud of the quality of our instructors and staff. Our camp offerings follow the UGF mission of providing opportunities for life.


Our Resident Assistants (RA's) are UGF students who are finishing their degrees. They are an enthusiastic and tasked with keeping the students safe while offering them an opportunity to have fun and make friends. Our RA's are excellent role models for camp students.


The University of Great Falls' camp will be a life changing experience for many students, and we here at UGF will strive for a high rate of returning students and staff.

Camp students are a diverse group with varying interests. They typically distinguish themselves from other groups by deciding to attend a summer academic program. The students have many talents, and are often interested in many subjects across the board in sciences and liberal arts. Students tend to be curious by nature. They always want to know WHY… These students enjoy challenges and active hands-on learning, and tend to be academic achievers who self select themselves by choosing to attend a summer academic camp. While some are quiet and some outgoing, they ALL possess strong potential to achieve their goals. Students in these types of summer programs are often delighted to find a peer group with similar interests and passions at camp. We alos beleive in providing exceptional opportunities in exploring the outdoors such as a raft trip down the Missouri River and a camp out night where we will make smore's by the camp fire.  We have seen that many of our students have made life-long friends during their time here at the University of Great Falls.

Safety is our number one priority! We strive to provide students an opportunity to have fun in a safe environment. Students are supervised by adults the entire time they are at camp (24/7 for residential students). Students have the opportunity to take field trips, visit local businesses, sightsee, and attend events, but are ALWAYS accompanied by a staff or faculty member. Dorm rooms are segregated by gender. There is at least one RA for every 15 students living in the dorm, plus additional staff volunteers who help with activities and camp logistics. RA's undergo a background check, and are chosen as role models for students. They are a talented and enthusiastic group who enjoy being with bright young students. The director and instructors will often be seen at the dorms helping with activities.

TRAVEL INFO (for students outside of Montana):
Students arriving at the Great Falls International Airport will be met by University camp staff at the airport from Tuesday July 16th. Students must arrive by 8AM on Wednesday July 17, 2013. Students will remain in the care of the camp until we deliver them to the airport for departure. Please make travel plans as soon as possible, and send the itinerary to


Be advised that airlines can have various definitions of a "minors traveling alone." The maximum age can range from 11-15, so it is good to check with your specific airlines regarding fees, regulations, and information you will need to give them about the person picking your child up at their destination. There will be a couple of people designated to pick up minors traveling alone, and we can supply you with their names and addresses for the airline forms. Please email Sonja Bickford, Executive Director of Continuing Education, with any questions and concerns regarding travel and airport pickup at


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