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The University of Great Falls RN to BSN program is only available to RNs currently employed at Providence Health and Services and partners.  Please see additional qualifications for the program below.



 The 2017 Application is Now Open


 May 1, 2016 - August 15, 2016

August 25, 2016 - December 31, 2016

(The NursingCAS application system will be unavailable August 16th - August 24th.)



The application process and requirements have changed for the 2017 RN to BSN application period.  Please visit the links below form more information on the new process and requirements.



Readiness Profile


Self Evaluation Tool


Application FAQs


Application Packet


NursingCAS Application Instructions


Requesting UGF Transcripts



Please use our online readiness profile and self-evaluation tools to determine if the RN to BSN program is the right one for you and if you are ready to apply.  You may need to complete prerequisites and/or core classes prior to applying.  For a list of 2016 classes being offered, please click here.  For a list of preapproved courses from local colleges, please click here.



For additional questions about the RN to BSN program, transcript evaluations or the 2017 Application, please contact:


Jamie Owens

Nursing and Health Programs Coordinator





Nursing Program Information





Academic Requirements



Pre-Requisite Completion



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BSN Program Student Handbook





The RN-BSN completion program at the University of Great Falls is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6791.



Academic Requirements



The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree completion program is a selective program offered to the licensed, practicing Registered Nurse in the Providence Health and Services system. The program is delivered through a combination of distance technologies and commences with a two-week intensive immersion session in the summer. Nurses progress through the program on a part-time, cohort-based model with required nursing courses being offered on a single day every other week. PH&S employees may be eligible to receive scholarship support through Providence and/or their local Human Resource department.




The program’s mission is “to prepare graduates for accountable and professional nursing practice that is relationship-based, vigilant, theory guided, and grounded in the best possible evidence.” This mission is supported by a conceptual framework comprised of the following constructs:




Relationship-Based Care
The University of Great Falls RN to BSN Degree Completion Program honors the patient and family as the center of the care delivery team. In relationship-based practice, excellent patient care outcomes are achieved through collaborative and sacred relationships among the patient, his or her family, and the healthcare team.




Nursing vigilance is reflected in unwavering attention to both the patient and the care delivery environment. This vigilance protects patients from harm and assures their safe passage as they journey through the continuum of their care experience.




Professional Accountability
The professional nurse is accountable for nursing outcomes of care delivery by ensuring vigilant care processes, maintaining expertise in practice, and creating healing care environments. The professional nurse is answerable for practice that consistently meets established standards. This accountability includes steadfast pursuit of opportunities to coach and mentor other members of the inter-professional healthcare team. Nurses are at all times responsible for their own self-care, professional development, and proactive career management.




Constant, complex change is the expected norm and sets the context for contemporary life in health care delivery. Professional nurses thrive in- and are prepared to lead and manage positive change in improving health; with patients, colleagues, and communities.




Please click here for a list of the Intended Learning Outcomes.




The University of Great Falls Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Completion Program is designed for completion in five consecutive semesters, with fewer required course requirements in both summer semesters. Following a required two-week, on-site immersion in Summer I, students complete all required nursing and other coursework online. Local nurse faculty members at each distance site work in close partnership with University of Great Falls faculty in Great Falls, Montana to assure students receive a consistent and student-focused experience. Successful students begin in Summer I as a cohort, progress through the subsequent four semesters together, and meet requirements for graduation at the end of Fall Semester II. The program as designed is completed in approximately 18 months, once all non-nursing course requirements are successfully completed. 



Upon receipt of the application for admission and official transcripts from all colleges attended, a transcript evaluation will be performed to assess courses to be transferred to The University of Great Falls and to determine if a student has any outstanding core courses. Beginning with the 2017 application, students may not have more than 10 outstanding core credits at the time of application (see section below about pre-requisite completion). Once a student has applied for admission submitted transcripts and a degree completion plan, the students will then be notified of program admission and a faculty advisor will work with them in completing all outstanding core along with the BSN courses.



Please click here for a current copy of the 2016-2017 RN to BSN Completion Program Student Handbook.





Chair of Nursing & Health Programs:

Victoria Hays, DNP, PHCNS-BC


Full-Time Nursing Faculty:

Jennifer Elison, EdD

Lisa Harmon, PhD

Janet Houston, MSN

Victoria Plagenz, PhD

Lynette Savage, PhD

Shelly Granger, MS


Adjunct Nuring Faculty:

Ron Carpio, MSN

Lori Mullenhour, MSN


Additional Faculty from other Disciplines:

Rob Packer, PhD

Timothy Glatzer, PhD




Curriculum Planner for Nursing Major (B.S.) 


NRS 301 Research Methods and Statistics 3 cr
NRS 303 Introduction to Nursing Leadership 1 cr
NRS 402 Evidence-based Practice 3 cr
NRS 403 Ethical Decision-Making and Spirituality 3 cr
NRS 405 Pathophysiologic and Pharmacologic Concepts 3 cr
NRS 407 Public Health: Nursing Care of Populations 3 cr
NRS 408 Health Promotion and Disease in the Community 3 cr
NRS 418 Global Perspectives in Healthcare 3 cr
NRS 419 Organizational Leadership in Quality and Safety 3 cr
NRS 420 Advanced Issues in Nursing Leadership 3 cr
NRS 491 Capstone I (final project) 3 cr
NRS 492 Capstone II (final project) 3 cr


First Semester Courses (Summer Session 1)

NRS 301: Research Methods and Statistics

NRS 303: Introduction to Nursing Leadership


Second Semester Courses (Fall Session 1)

NRS 402: Evidence-based Practice

NRS 407: Public Health: Nursing Care of Populations

NRS 418: Global Perspectives in Healthcare


Third Semester Courses (Spring Session 1)

NRS 403: Ethical Decision-Making and Spirituality

NRS 405: Pathophysiologic and Pharmacologic Concepts

NRS 491: Capstone I


Fourth Semester Courses (Summer Session 2)

NRS 419: Organizational Leadership in Quality and Safety


Fifth Semester Courses (Fall Session 2)

NRS 408: Health Promotion and Disease in the Community

NRS 420: Advanced Issues in Nursing Leadership

NRS 492: Capstone II (final project)



Application Instructions for the RN to BSN Degree Completion Program 


The 2017 application for the RN to BSN Program will be available May 1, 2016- December 31, 2016



The University of Great Falls RN to BSN Degree Completion Program is a competitive program. Please use our online readiness profile and self-evaluation tools to determine if the RN to BSN program is the right one for you and whether or not you are ready to apply.



For application and program questions, contact:


Jamie Owens




Mailing Address:

University of Great Falls - Office of Admission

1301 20th Street South

Great Falls, MT  59405




Pre-Requisite Completion 


Many prospective candidates have remaining course work, outstanding core courses required by the University of all students that must be completed in addition to the nursing courses. Pre-requisites can be completed through the University of Great Falls’ Distance Learning program at a discounted rate.  For a list of 2016 classes currently being offered, please click here. The University of Great Falls expects students to apply for admission to the University of Great Falls with an expressed interest in the nursing degree program. Students choosing to take core courses outside of the University of Great Falls must work with the Registrar’s Office to ensure the transferability of these courses.


The Registrar's Office has previously approved several courses in transfer from a variety of schools. For a list of pre-approved courses, please click here. If you wish to take a course not listed here, please contact the Registrar's Office for approval.




Graduating with UGF Honors


For students to be eligible to graduate with honors from the University, students need to complete the following:



  • Complete all University coursework
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.5 or greater and
  • Complete a minimum of 50 credits from the University of Great Falls 
  • The Bachelors of Science in Nursing program is only 34 credits; nurses will need to complete additional coursework to meet the 50 credit honors requirement.  One way of accomplishing this is taking the core courses at the University (on-line).






Tuition for the 2017 RN to BSN program is $750 per semester (5 semesters) with Providence Health Services Scholarship.  This charge of $750 inclues the purchase of a UGF laptop that will be provided to each student on the first day of the summer session.  The tuition rate for the 2015 and 2016 Cohorts is $500 per semester.



Core and prerequisite course tuition for Providence Health Services employees that are enrolled or are preparing to enroll in the RN to BSN Program is $150/credit (no fees). This applies to core courses offered via the University of Great Falls Distance Learning.



Student Resources


 Writing Center Online Consultations





Important Contacts


Jamie Owens

Nursing and Health Programs Coordinator






Gia Frank, BSN, RN
Staff Nurse, Medical/Renal Unit
Providence Regional Medical Center
Everett, WA
“People ask me if this nursing program made me a better nurse.  And I say it really did – it made me think outside myself. It made me realize what power we have as nurses to promote positive change.”
Lorrie Hubbard, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager, Adult Intensive Care Unit
Providence Alaska Medical Center
Anchorage, AK
“I chose to attend UGF because Providence is committed to excellence and they have partnered with a University that shares this same vision. I truly believe a BSN degree should be entry level for nurses because it can only serve to elevate our profession and to provide us additional tools to better care for our patients.”
Pam Harer, BSN, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center
Burbank, CA
“This program is a preparation in leadership.  With this leadership, patients receive comprehensive care that incorporates the patient’s cultural, spiritual, and age appropriate needs, with the family in mind.”
Thomas Peterson, BSN, RN
Staff Nurse, Emergency Department
Providence Portland Medical Center
Portland, OR
“This program gets you thinking.  It opens your eyes and challenges you in ways that improve your clinical practice.”
Dawn Rohrbach, BSN, RN
Assistant Clinical Nurse Manager, Intensive Care Unit
Providence Saint Patrick Hospital
Missoula, MT
Providence has given nurses this wonderful opportunity to participate in this advanced degree program that is challenging and rewarding to the professional nurse.”
Myra Lehman, BSN, RN
Charge Nurse, Emergency Department
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center
Polson, MT
“The UGF instructors are supportive and knowledgeable, and their attitude with students is one that continually communicates to us how to be successful.  The camaraderie from my fellow students in the program was tremendous and I felt supported every step of the way.”



 Check back soon for additional testimonials.




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