bsn core courses
The University Core Curriculum (general education courses) is made up of approximately 43 credits. Given your experience within your profession as a Nurse, you are waived from having to complete 20 of these credits. Credits left to complete are dependent upon coursework taken to obtain your nursing degree.
There are three Core Curriculum courses which dually act as prerequisite courses necessary for program entry. These courses are:
Anatomy and Physiology
Below is a list of Core curriculum courses that are required for completion of the BSN program (22 total) These can be fulfilled at the University of Great Falls or via acceptable transfer credit:
ENG 117 Writing Essays - Composition – research based writing – 3 cr.
CPS 110 Conquering the Digital Divide - Comp Science (hardware, software, file sharing, ethics) – 3 cr.
ILC 330 or ILC 350BSN students will need to complete ILC 330 OR 350 (Only available at University of Great Falls) 4 cr
Fine Arts Course – Art, Music, Drama, Creative Writing – 3 cr.
Humanities Course – History, Philosophy, Literature, Logic, World Religions – 3 cr.
Upper Division Writing Course - taken after completion or equivalent transfer credit of ENG 117.
All courses are offered via Distance Learning with the University of Great Falls at a special rate of $135 per credit. To take pre-requisite courses at the University of Great Falls contact the Admission Office.
Many of these courses will transfer in from a local community college and/or university in your area (or you may have already taken an acceptable transfer course). Some courses have already been approved as transfer credit and can be found online. If there is a course you would like to take that is not listed you can contact Jamie Hughes at for transfer credit information. 

Students with a Bachelor degree from an accredited university will have the Core curriculum coursework requirements waived.




Graduating with UGF Honors

For students to be eligible to graduate with honors from the University, students need to complete the following:

    • Complete all University coursework
    • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.5 or greater and
    • Complete a minimum of 50 credits from the University of Great Falls 
  • The Bachelors of Science in Nursing program is only 34 credits; nurses will need to complete additional coursework to meet the 50 credit honors requirement.  One way of accomplishing this is taking the core courses at the University (on-line).  




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