president's message

Welcome to the University of Great Falls, our University!


Our University is a remarkable place. We have a wonderful community of students, faculty and staff built around the value of respect. We consider students to be community members, not customers, and take great pride in seeing our students grow as human beings, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We are ambitious, seeking to prepare students for “living and making a living.”

We are a Catholic university, sponsored by the Sisters of Providence and part of the Providence Health & Services (PH&S) ministry. We live by the Providence Commitment, which stresses the values of respect, compassion, justice, excellence, and stewardship.

We describe ourselves as a place of “uncommon courage.” Courage is in our roots, from the pioneers who settled in Montana to the Sisters of Providence, who journeyed eastward seeking to serve. Courage is present on campus in our faculty and staff, who have chosen to teach, to guide, to profess at our University.

We are a community that values courage. We believe courage is an important part of learning and an important part of life. We seek men and women of courage; we seek to build courage in men and women.

Each of us has the ability to lead, to be a leader. Some lead by speaking loudly; others lead through quiet example. Some lead through brilliance; others lead through faith. Becoming a leader takes courage.

The intellectual life is one of openness: an open mind, open to new ideas and new people. It takes courage to be open.

In an age of doubt, it takes courage to believe. It takes courage to see the world as a good place, to act compassionately, and to serve others with no expectation of material return. It takes courage to join reason and faith so as to learn and understand.

We are a Catholic community that embraces all. We work together at our University to change each student’s life. We want each student to see himself or herself differently, to see the world differently, and to see himself in the world differently. That takes courage, but we have plenty to share.

I invite you to join our community, as a student, as an alumnus or a friend. We are a passionate, enthusiastic, and purposeful place. We are looking for those who share our values.

Eugene J. McAllister, Ph.D.
University of Great Falls



Eugene J. McAllister, Ph.D.



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