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University of Great Falls to Add Speech and Debate Program

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 

The University of Great Falls is constantly looking for further ways to engage and attract students. Starting next fall, the University of Great Falls will offer a Speech and Debate Program.

The decision to add the program stemmed from current University students’ interest. “We saw a need for the program and after much discussion have decided that it would be a positive addition to our already diverse list of student offerings,” stated Eugene McAllister, University of Great Falls President.

Competitive speech and debate, also known as Forensics, will be another way to get students involved and taking an active role on campus. “The program will provide students with communication skills that can be used for the rest of their lives,” stated Mark Grobosky, Associate Professor and Director of Paralegal Studies at the University of Great Falls.

Scholarships will be offered to students participating in the Forensics Program. “This is an excellent opportunity for students to compete at the collegiate level in something other than athletics,” added Grobosky.

The University has hired Steve Hurin to be Head Coach and already has nine students that plan to be a part of the program. Hurin received a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Montana and was a member of the University of Montana Debate Team. “I have always been passionate about speech and debate. I am looking forward to coaching college level students and seeing them use their knowledge and background on a competitive basis,” stated Hurin. Prior to taking the position at the University of Great Falls, Hurin was the Head Speech and Debate Coach at Great Falls High School.

Students will be participating in various individual and team Forensic events. These include Parliamentary Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Informative Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, After Dinner Speaking, Communication Analysis, Prose, Drama Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Duo, and POI.
The University plans to be an active participant in the National Parliamentary Debate Association, the Northwest Forensics Conference, and the American Forensics Association.

Students interested in the Speech and Debate Program at the University of Great Falls may contact Admissions at (406) 791-5202 or


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